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We pioneer in Building Information Modeling(BIM)

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We focus on our strengths and what we do best, giving you more than what you expect.
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We believe in bringing Technology and Construction together.

Looking for a quality and affordable construction services for your next project?


About GER group

GER Engineering Services is a part of the GER group, which has been into Infrastructure development for over five decades. Taking the expertise that has been gathered over these years, we built the capabilities to diversify into several fields, mainly in the construction industry. We are committed to stand by our ethical values and strong commitment to quality in all our endeavors.

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Our vision is to become an internationally valued engineering consulting firm and to bring new and innovative technologies into the construction industry through our services.


Our mission is to cater to the needs and demands of global construction industry as professional engineering consultants. We aim to add value to all our stakeholders through our exceptional services.

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Why Choose Us

Our project engagement offers: Our project engagement offers are tailor-made to suit each client as we believe no two projects in the construction industry are same.

Flexible workforce: Our clients can have the benefit of having a flexible team size working on their projects.

Superior service: Our team is committed to offering you more than what you expect.

Cost benefit:We provide you with more time, more manpower and more resources which are far more cost effective than an in house team.

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Featured Works

Our BIM capabilities


Today’s Healthcare buildings are getting more complex than ever. Using BIM not only organizes the facilities of the building, but also helps the healthcare unit in equipment positioning and planning.


The fast paced project schedule and the complexity involved in planning of an educational building can be made easy by the usage of BIM. The BIM’s three dimensional tools provide the design team to understand more about the requirements of the stakeholders and plan accordingly.


The Governments around the world want to reduce the assetcosts and achieve greater operational efficiency. BIM not only facilitates greater efficiency and effectiveness of the building, but also helps attain savings in the entireconstruction supply chains


IIn factories and other industrial buildings, safety is the most important element. BIM enables the engineers analyze the safety hazards in advance. It also makes prefabrication a more realistic option with more site coordination.


Residential building often has a budget constraint. Using BIM facilitates early collaboration amongst the design team and the other stakeholders so that more accurate informed decisions can be made for cost estimation.


It is always better to see and understand what the outcome of a design would look like. Hence, BIM provides a three dimensional view allowing the interior designer to implement innovative designs.


BIM helps building go green. The design tools and energy simulations are integrated such that each time there is a change in the design, the building’s energy performance prediction would be updated real time.


Real estate is the main cost for a hospitality facility. Planning a hotel or a restaurant gets more realistic with space planning using BIM. It enables to optimize the space to the maximum limit also helping visualize the practical problems that may be faced.